About Pentagro

Expanding the possibilities of agribusiness

Bringing together specialists with a unique combination of professional service, technological expertise, and agro-industry knowledge, Pentagro is a leading Brazilian provider of advanced, structured, and effective technologies for Industry 4.0 in agro-industrial plants.

At Pentagro, we help our clients become ever more competitive, but with peace of mind to focus on their business and passion to dedicate themselves to what adds true value. With that in mind, we bring the market tools for the entire life cycle of a sugarcane energy plant, comprising a process simulator, advanced production planning, and management of routine and industrial performance, using Digital Twin and advanced control technology and optimization.

In addition to supplying our clients with licensed  technologies, we offer specialized services and qualified support and training.


We promote operational gains in agro-industrial processes through technological solutions, innovations, and specialized services.


Our vision is to be the world’s largest reference for Industry 4.0’s best solutions in agro-industrial plants.


We pledge our clients, value, respect, and appreciation. Always evolving as a team, we honor our commitments.

See why Pentagro expands your possibilities

We are leaders in offering tools for the entire life cycle of a sugarcane energy plant, comprised of cutting-edge technology for agribusinesses to grow even more.

Maximum performance in agro-industrial plants

Digital Twin

Is the faithful portrait of the behavior of the agro-industrial plant within a virtual environment, enabling such  applications as:

Studies of future evolutionary scenarios for increased production and modernization.

Optimized plans for industrial production.

Management of online routine and performance to attain operational excellence.

Online simulation paralleling industrial production.

Ultimately, the Digital Twin will be integrated with artificial intelligence and advanced control techniques to act directly, in a closed loop, in the industrial process, making its sectors more autonomous, intelligent, and flexible.

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