Technology to maximize performance in agro-industrial plants

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Pentagro Simulator

This professional platform builds a Digital Twin through modeling and simulating agro-industrial processes.

Pentagro PGDI - Online

The solution for Industry 4.01, it generates a Digital Twin, which provides an online simulation that parallels the industry’s actual operation. The twin is equipped with algorithms that select operational goals, ensuring optimal production performance.

Pentagro GDI

Its solution emerges from a platform in order to integrate two or more PGDIs. A description of its attributes follows.

Pentagro Everest

This solution’s objective is for industrial plant sectors to become increasingly autonomous and intelligent so that algorithms consistently make the best operational decisions.

Cultures in which Pentagro Technology operates

About Pentagro

Pentagro is a leading Brazilian company in providing advanced, structured, and effective technologies, for Industry 4.0 in agro-industrial plants. We bring together a of specialists with a unique combination of professional service, technological expertise, and agro-industry knowledge!

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We are leaders in offering tools for the entire life cycle of a sugarcane energy plant, comprised of cutting-edge technology for agribusinesses to grow even more.

Maximum performance in agro-industrial plants

Brands investing in Pentagro technology

These are some of the brands that trust our technology to guarantee excellent agribusiness production.

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