Pentagro Simulator

Using modeling and simulation of agro-industrial processes and local technology, Pentagro’s simulator is a professional platform for the construction of a Digital Twin.

The simulator offers predictability and a systemic view of the production process, whether in the design or operational phase.

Principal features

Specific models for industrial plants for the sugar-energy, citrus, corn, sectors

Parameterized models

Professional physicochemical and thermodynamic libraries

Efficiency curves

Energy demand and supply synchronization

Drag-and-drop intuitive interface

Sequential modular calculation method

Native features such as ctrl C, ctrl Z, and print

Advanced techniques in evaporative campaigns, vat occupancy diagrams, achieving multivariable targets, and optimization and sensitivity analyses

Build — Enables the user to build operational rules and models within the simulation diagram

Finance — Facilitates the insertion of economic data in models to standardize the unit costs for each operation

Plug-in for Excel communication

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